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World Time Zones

World Time Zones

World Time ZonesAn application to calculate the time in other parts of the world. Perfect for anyone who travels a lot.Choose from numerous popular cities. Simply select the time where you are, the city you are closest to, and the city where you want to know the for.Now you can stop calling business contacts when they are eating dinner or worse, sleeping.tags: travel 2014/08/24
Flight Distances

Flight Distances

Flight DistancesA simple too that calculates the degrees, nautical miles, state miles and Kilometers between common US airports.tags: travel 2014/08/21
Kais Holidays of any Countries

Kais Holidays of any Countries

Kais Holidays of any CountriesHolidays of Germany, Swizerland, Austria, USA, Canada, Spain, France, United Kingdom.All holidays are real time calculated.For iPhone and iPod touch.tags: travel 2014/08/21
Pace Calc

Pace Calc

Pace CalcCalculates pace for runners/bikers. It will convert distance and times in Kilometers or miles.tags: sports 2014/04/16
PasturePool Mobile Online Golf Handicap

PasturePool Mobile Online Golf Handicap

PasturePool Mobile Online Golf allows you to track your score, calculate an online handicap, analyze your game, meet fellow hackers, and receive some of the most full featured statistics available on the internet. We have designed this site to be a fun and effective way to better your game. Membership includes:- Online Handicap calculation- Game tracking - Online Digital Scorecards- Custom Weather Reports- Print-Ready Scorecards for your next round- Wallet Handicap Card- ... 2014/04/16


iCalorieA tool to calculate calories burned during various exercises including, running, walking, biking, swimming, yoga and palates.This new version also includes a pace calculator for running, walking and biking.tags: sports 2014/04/13 - Web Based Time and Attendance - Web Based Time and allows hourly employees to record time for payroll and also allows project-based or salaried employees to record project time for billing or analysis. can be locked down with fingerprint verification or opened-up for mobile access via our mobile interface at eliminates paper timecards and the need to calculate time manually. produces... 2014/03/18

Real Estate Investment Calculator

Real Estate Investment CalculatorThe price you should pay for income-producing property is a function of the cash flow. Too many investors look at criteria other than cash flow and end up making bad investment decisions.This application will tell you immediately what a property is worth based upon its cash flow.The output consists of two numbers:- ROE (Return On Equity):You have to spend a certain amount of money to buy and fix up a property. The ROE is the return on your money. If it isn’,... 2014/03/16


iSalawatThis web application calculates Islamic daily prayers (Salah or Salat) and put them in a weekly Arabic schedule. The schedule is produced as an image, which can can saved in the iPhone’,s pictures album. Once it is there, the user can launch Photo application and make the image as lock’,s screen wallpaper.This would give any Muslim a convenience way to know when a prayer is due without unlocking the iPhone, launching any application, or connecting to the Internet.For even more ... 2014/03/12

iCart - Shopping list

iCart - Shopping list Allows you to create and manage up to 3 shopping lists. You will be able to add, modify, sort and store your lists (automatically with cookies) for further use. You can also type in the price for each item. iCart calculates the total amount for your purchases. You don’,t need permanent access to internet. Once loaded, iCart is fully operational.tags: productivity 2014/03/11 Price Checker Price CheckerWith this web app you can calculate the best price for your print work by guiding you through all available options. You can then email the price quote to yourself (or a friend).Available languages in this first version: Dutch and French. English, German and Spanish will be released soon…,tags: productivity 2014/03/09

iCoach - Gezond in balans

iCoach - Gezond in balansAll the latest news health and the most important measuring devices and in one webapp. Main devices:- BodyMass Index- Calculate your use of calories - Calculate your bodyfat- Calculate your heartbeat- Calculate how much calories you use by many sports- Calculate how much alchol you can drink befor safe driving (by Dutch law)- Calculate how much calories you eat in a day (just fill in the number of items you eat)There is also a very complete menu with more than 80 links ... 2014/03/01

Friend Compatibility Test

Friend Compatibility TestHow compatible are you with your best friend? What your worst enemy? Test the compatibility between you and other people by entering your name below, then their name, then calculate the compatibility! The results might shock you!tags: games 2014/01/14

Are You Compatible With Your Car?

Are You Compatible With Your Car?Looking to get a new car? How compatible will you be with a new Ford Mustang? Thinking getting a new car? You might want to make sure you are compatible with your new automobile before you spend the bucks! Test the compatibility between your car and you by entering your name below, then your cars name, then calculate the compatibility! The results might shock you!tags: games 2014/01/04

iMind - The Quizzes

iMind - The QuizzesUnlike other quizzes where you are presented with multiple choice answers, these quizzes are intended to truly excersize your mind by not offering any suggestion.The categories include:- General Knowledge- World Geography- World History- Literature- Movies and Television- Music- Science- SportsThe application does NOT calculate any scores, but rather is intended just as a tool to help you excersize your mind. So…, you are on your honor!tags: entertainment 2013/12/27

Your Age To The Day

Your Age To The DayCalculate your age right down to the exact amount of minutes you’,ve been on this planet! You will find out how many months, days, hours, and minutes old you are!tags: entertainment 2013/12/22

valentine’-pyc-s day

valentine’,s dayThe valentine’,s day application includes 2 old and 1 new application in a new jacket.The applications:- Lovescope : Check your love zodiac sign- Lovecalculator : Calculate the love between 2 people.- Lovequotes : Nice love quotes.tags: entertainment 2013/12/20

Town Compatibility

Town CompatibilityThinking of moving? How compatible are you with a town? What about towns you don’,t even like or currently live near? Test the compatibility between you and towns by entering your name below, then enter a town name, then calculate the compatibility! The results might shock you!tags: entertainment 2013/12/20

Teacher Compatibility

Teacher CompatibilityHow compatible are you with one of your teachers? What about teachers you don’,t even like or currently have for a class? Test the compatibility between you and teachers by entering your name below, then their name, then calculate the compatibility! The results might shock youtags: entertainment 2013/12/16

Match Maker

Match MakerTest the love between two people by entering their names below and then calculate their compatibility! See if you’,re a match made in heaven, or not!tags: entertainment 2013/12/08


LovecalculatorYou can calculate the love between 2 people just by filling in the 2 names, then press the calculate button to watch the result.tags: entertainment 2013/12/07

Love Calculator

Love CalculatorTest the love between two people by entering their names and then calculate their compatibility.tags: entertainment 2013/12/07

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