Tailgate Scout

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Tailgate Scout


tailgate Scout
A mobile web application that helps you find your friends’, location, their tailgates, and other tailgates nearby on game day. tailgate Scout was developed to solve the problem of finding a single tailgate located amongst the vast expanse of tents and grills. tailgate Scout solves that dilemma and throws in a dash of fun for good measure. In addition to helping you find your friends, this application turns tailgating into an experience that can be shared with those who can’,t be there.

Features include:
- Sign on with Facebook Connect leveraging your existing social network
- Access on iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices through the built in browser
- Maps and lists to pinpoint your friends and their tailgates
- Display all public tailgates nearby sorted by distance
- Sharing location through tailgate creation, check in, tweet button, and the mark your spot functionality
- tailgate check in to earn points for your team
- Leader boards to track top teams, tailgates, and scouts for that day
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