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MobileCiergeYour one-touch live Mobile Personal Assistant. Call or email MobileCierge, and Consider it done! Combining the power of mobile technology and location awareness, MobileCierge provides uniquely skilled live personal assistants to deliver a level of personal care that truly stands alone in today’,s mobile world.MobileCierge is:Safety, Security and Protection:- Mobile and Travel Related Help- Access to Roadside Assistance - Medical Refererral and Emergency NeedsMobile Personal Assistance... 2014/08/22
PDFGeni- Free PDF search Engine for iPhone

PDFGeni- Free PDF search Engine for iPhone

PDFGeni- Free PDF search Engine for iPhoneComes to iPhone and help you search all kinds of pdf document. Business, Education, Finance and many other kinds of PDF documents in websites, forums and social networks.No special search skill is needed. iPhone edition features:- No signup- Just type and go- Preview PDF file size- View PDF in Safari- Email PDF download linktags: searchtools 2014/03/28
Typing Tutor for iPhone &-pyc- iPod Touch

Typing Tutor for iPhone &-pyc- iPod Touch

Typing Tutor for iPhone &, iPod TouchTypingWeb is a free typing tutor for iPhone and iPod Touch. Features include instructional information, three levels of skill, graphs, statistics, progress meters, and more!tags: productivity 2014/03/19

Learn Writing Chinese

Learn Writing ChineseThis is a free tool to help you learn Chinese handwriting skills in an easy way. The app firstly gives you an introduction of basic rules of Chinese handwriting. It then provides three learning sessions for you to practise writing skills by yourself. Just choose a learning session, use your finger to follow the numbers on the word strokes to write. When you become familiar with Chinese writing orders and skills, you can test yourself to write without the guide numbers in the... 2014/03/13


SpinCycleTap the flashing blocks while you can. If you’,re quick enough you’,ll be able to reveal the background. A game of movement, skill, and agility.tags: games 2014/02/07

Photo Match Game

Photo Match GameFind each matching pair of photos in the Photo Match Game! Every game is a real photo album uploaded by members of the community. Test your memory skills, train your brain, and check out some really cool photos!tags: games 2014/01/31

Numbers &-pyc- Letters Challenge

Numbers &, Letters ChallengeTest your language and numbers skill with this game! Make words by using random letters. Try to reach the objective number by using random ones and the four basic mathematical operations. And watch out the time! Every 3 rounds you will have less time to complete the test.Features:- Two different test: numbers and letters.- Two languages: English and Spanish.- Scoreboard.- Free and highly addictive.tags: games 2014/01/30

Math Pop 2

Math Pop 2This addicting game will test your reflexes and your math skills. Submit your score and compete against the rest of the world.tags: games 2014/01/27

Kanji Writing Game

Kanji Writing GameTest your Kanji drawing skills against this videogame!The game is very simple, first the game will show you the Kanji information, then you have to draw the kanji in the drawing area and click the “,Search”, button. After that, the game will show you some kanjis that matches the strokes that you have drawn. Now select the correct one and you have passed the round.You have 60 seconds per round and if you succed you will gain 5 points. With this game you can test your skills... 2014/01/25


iWallyThe iWally Test consists of three different tests that challenge your lateral thinking skills. Lateral thinking problems usually involve answers that are very obvious but not only so after you know the answer.These tests are challenging and fun.tags: games 2014/01/24

Fruit Catch

Fruit CatchTest your skills with this fruit catching game. Using your finger, move the little girl to collect as much fruit as possible. Becareful though, avoid the skulls.tags: games 2014/01/14


FlashJackA flash card based Blackjack trainer. You are presented with different hands and try to determine the proper play that has the best odds.Improve your blackjack skills by playing the odds.tags: games 2014/01/13

Fast Fingers

Fast FingersTest your skill. How many boxes can you check on your in 20 seconds?tags: games 2014/01/13

Classic TV Quiz

Classic TV Quiz Test your television trivia skills with this Classic TV Quiz.tags: games 2014/01/09

Bunny Jump

Bunny JumpBunnies are very good in jumping, this is what we know and they love carrots. In this game, we are testing the bunny s bouncing ability and your skills. You can not let the bunny miss any position, because he has only three lives. Do not miss any chance here and play this carefully.tags: games 2014/01/08

Arcade and Brain

Arcade and BrainSharpen your athletic and mental skills. Toss, shoot, jump, and putt. Then put on your thinking cap for some thought provoking fun. Includes over 12 games.tags: games 2014/01/04

Amazing Sports

Amazing SportsTest your skills against some of the top athletes in the world to see if you can bring home the Gold Medal! Compete in 5 events: long jump, 100 meter dash, javelin throw, 200 meter dash and discus throw.tags: games 2014/01/04

A Marble Game

A Marble GameA game of intellect and skill. The goal is to clear as many marbles from the board. Most people can get to 3. Experts can remove all but one marble. What can you do?tags: games 2014/01/04

60 Seconds

60 SecondsHow many additions can you do in 60 seconds. Test your math skill.tags: games 2014/01/02

1 Knight - with solution

1 Knight - with solutionIn this game a single knight must capture all 63 of the pawns in as few moves as possible.The knight can only move using it’,s traditional chess moves. “,two over, one over”,…,A good game to help chess players build their skills.While it’,s theoretically possible to complete the game in 63 moves, it’,s nearly impossible. So there’,s your challenge!Brought to you by, who say, “,The best challenge is when you can beat your own... 2014/01/01

The Blank

The BlankThe company The Blank was established in 2009 by Sara and Suruzi, Imagining the infinite possibilities in New York City. The Blank is a company chasing modern anomalous looks base on achromatic colors with key point colors. Each piece of the garments is made with designer’,s artistry and wittiness. The Blank is a creation of modern tempestuous yet moderate garments using constructive: deconstructive details with drapes to soften them. The Blank is based in New York City and also production... 2013/12/17

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