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WeLive GPS

WeLive GPS

WeLive GPSWarning signal of radars and disturbances (in French).tags: travel 2014/08/24

BetaSignal MemeTracker

BetaSignal MemeTrackerA simple and open memetracker/aggregator which focuses on technology, science, environment and space news. The stories are fetched every 30 minutes from dozens of interesting blogs and presented as news clusters.If you are a developer, we have numerous RSS, JSON and XML feeds for you to play around and incorporate in your own application. Check out our main website for details our API.tags: news 2014/02/16


SignalSignal turns your iPhone or iPod touch into an advanced wireless remote control for iTunes on your Mac or iTunes, Winamp, or Windows Media Player on your PC. Control playback, browse or search your media library, and edit playlists from anywhere in the house - all from the palm of your hand.Features:- Play and pause your music- Move between songs in the playlist- Adjust the volume- Select AirTunes speakers- Rate songs- See the current album art- Browse and search your media library- Queue ... 2013/12/30

NOBal Comp

NOBal CompStands for Online Ballistics Computer. It is a simpler, online implimentation of it’,s big brother, GNU Exterior Ballistics Computer designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Simply put, a ballistics computer is a projectile calculator…, For shooting enthusiasts this means the ability to pre-determine how, where and at what speeds your bullets will fly, before you even open your gun safe. The best part about NOBal Comp is that it runs right on your iPhone... 2013/11/17

Taxi Please

Looking for a creative way to signal down the next cab? Here is a simple alert animation that attracts the attention of taxi drivers. Try with TestiPhonetags: mios 2013/09/10


Looking for the internet when you are around town with your iTouch? Out of signal range with your iPhone? Let iDetect help! No more hunting wireless networks in your WiFi settings or having to refresh a web page again and again, only to get error messages. iDetect searches for you while youtags: mios 2013/07/30

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