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Travel Tips 101

Travel Tips 101

Travel Tips 101A budget conscious guide for traveling domestically and around the world. The app features tips on planning, saving money, and getting the most out of your travel experience.tags: travel 2014/08/24 .97 cent shipping deals .97 cent shipping deals .97 cent shipping has some great deals but deals on shipping is a plus. Most of these are hidden but we uncover them for you! Some of thee items may have cost you $10 or more so getting them for .97 cents saving you cash!tags: searchtools 2014/04/01 Coupons Coupons CouponsCoupon codes are special words or characters that enable easy discounts whenever shopping online. With fast access to the database of 50,000+ coupon codes you can instantly pull up savings for ordering pizzas, booking rental cars or even instore discounts at participating merchants.tags: searchtools 2014/03/29


PriceMinerPriceminer is the world’,s largest antiques and collectibles price guide, allowing you to:- Identify your items by viewing photos of similar items- Ascertain current value- Determine maker or artist- View items currently for sale matching your search- Find a venue to sell itemsWith just a few taps you get powerful data that helps you price your inventory correctly and/or pay according to an item’,s true value and best of all PriceMiner does the analysis for you saving you time... 2014/03/28
Pricedrop Deal Finder

Pricedrop Deal Finder

Pricedrop Deal FinderThe Pricedrop deal finder, designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch, provides on-the-go access to the best prices on consumer electronics, cameras, computers, music, videos, furniture, office supplies, software, and more.Before handing your credit-card over at the local store, bring up on your iPhone to see how much you could be saving.tags: searchtools 2014/03/28
Eligible Medical Expenses Reference Guide

Eligible Medical Expenses Reference Guide

Eligible Medical Expenses Reference GuideA quick reference list of Eligible Dental and Medical Expenses that can be reimbursed from a health savings account (HSA) or a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) or FSA. Main features includes: - List of Eligible Medical and Dental Expenses. - List of Ineligible Medical and Dental Expenses. - Provides search option with autocomplete capability.The list provided by this application relate to expenses currently allowed and not allowed by the Internal Revenue... 2014/03/23
Web Based TimeClock

Web Based TimeClock

Web Based TimeClockHas a very simple user interface, designed especially for small businesses. Setup an account in minutes with our setup wizard and try the software for 30 days with no obligation.Time is linked to our server’,s clock, so employees can’,t change the clock. Brand Time Clock with your corporate Logo. No Billing surprises. TimeClock can be configured and secured to work with your existing web infrastructure. Feature List:- Employee Management- Flexible Pay Periods generated... 2014/03/19


s-handybankingIf you are a customer of sparkasse koelnbonn, one of Germanys biggest saving banks, you can do your banking transactions with your iphone:- manage your finances - check your accounts- watch your transactions- transfer moneytags: productivity 2014/03/16

Publish Your Excel File on the Web! Go-Zen CMS for Excel

Publish Your Excel File on the Web! Go-Zen CMS for ExcelYou can create a dynamic web database from your Excel file instantly. All you needs are creating, saving and uploading your Excel file. This service does not require any other database application. In other word, you can publish your custom web contents with normal hosting service.tags: productivity 2014/03/16
My Bank Tracker

My Bank Tracker

My Bank TrackerWe have CD rates, savings, checking, and mortgage rates for all major banks. On this site you can get a snapshot of the daily average rates. You can also find the customer service number and website for each bank.tags: productivity 2014/03/14


MemodudeA free service to level all debts in a group. If you pay something for someone else, you can use Memodude to process this. So that when another person pays something for you, he also enters it on, and all those payments will be leveled! Memodude keeps track of your mutual balances, so you can easily keep track of who has to pay next.Another feature is that you can use a bank account for your group: Memodude can keep track of the balances on that bank account for the individuals... 2014/03/13

HandyLogs Money

HandyLogs MoneyMaximize your Expense, Time and Mileage reimbursements with HandyLogs Money. Suitable for Executives, Small Business Owners and for Personal use.- Your claims are always ready and up-to-date.- Frees up your mind from taking mental notes and loosing them over time.- Tax law requires adequate records when deducting business use of your vehicle. Get complete report on Business and Personal use of your vehicle with HandyLogs.- Save tax dollars and headaches by accurately recording mileage... 2014/03/10


BlogAhorroThe financial news on the Spanish banking panorama and its new products destined to the saving and investment (in Spanish).tags: news 2014/02/16

Drop the Flags!

Drop the Flags!Eliminate all the adjacent flags to win. Great for killing time before your next world summit meeting. Another in a series from your friends at this variation, the challenge is to eliminate the US, Great Britan, French, and German flags. The screen is made up of 9 columns and 10 rows. To score, match as many of the adjacent flags and eliminate them. The more that are adjacent, the higher the score.Have fun, and if you are truly an ambassador or head of state, shouldn&#... 2014/01/12


kakAppleHelps you compare prices (in Japanese) all products from Pc, Electric, Camera, Game, Car, Motor bike, High class item and more, helping you choose the best deal and thereby saving you time and money.It is mashups, using Japanese Web service “,”, API. A design theme is like 90’,s club music scene.tags: entertainment 2013/12/05


HighdefpricesHighdefprices helps you compare blu-ray prices and titles from all the major retailers, helping you choose the best deal and thereby saving you time and money.tags: entertainment 2013/12/02

Yet Another Loan Calculator

Yet Another Loan CalculatorThis loan calculator allows you to input 3 different loans on the screen at once. Thus allowing you to see the savings of one loan over another.Remember that this calculator only calculates the monthly interest+principal for the loan, it does not take into account any taxes, insurance, or other fees that are associated with a loan. Contact your bank or other financial expert before making any decisions.Brought to you by the good folks at who say “,A penny... 2013/11/22

Zulu/UTC/GMT To Local

Zulu/UTC/GMT To LocalIdeal tool for pilots and travellers alike…, Convert Zulu/UTC/GMT to local time anywhere in the world. Supports localised daylight saving/summer time. Quickly convert a UTC time to your local time. User adjustable timezone offset menas you can calculate local time for any location on earth.tags: calculate 2013/11/22

Quit Smoking Calculator

Quit Smoking CalculatorStill haven’,t quit smoking? Use this web app for some extra motivation. Calculate the amount of money you’,ll save per year if you were to quit smoking today. A great app to use for a daily reminder to yourself and others that you could be saving a lot of money by going tobacco-free. Find out how much money you could save right now. The results may surprise you!tags: calculate 2013/11/18

Retirement Savings Calculator

Retirement Savings CalculatorThis is an easy to use calculator for estimating your retirement savings balance. Enter your current savings, your salary, your contributions, your employers contributions, the expected rate of return and how long until you retire. Your estimated retirement savings balance at the time of your retirement is returned as the result.tags: calculate 2013/11/18

Future Value Calculator

Future Value CalculatorSee how much you can save by adjusting your monthly investment, annual interest rate, and the amount of years you plan on saving. Have fun!tags: calculate 2013/11/13

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