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XWUZ Bubble Trouble

XWUZ Bubble TroubleA simple but beautiful bubble popping puzzle game. Pop the same color adjecent bubbles. Blocks of at least 3 pop. The more bubbles you pop in a tap, the more points you get. A score of 2500 is really good, a score of 4000 is exceptional.tags: games 2014/02/14

Wordsearch Puzzles

Wordsearch PuzzlesMore Wordsearch Puzzles available for the iPhone and iPod touch. 4 more added this week! When you find a word highlight it by tapping the first and last letter of the word. Complete the Wordsearch puzzle by finding all the words.tags: games 2014/02/13

Word Search Puzzle Game

Word Search Puzzle GameA fun game for all ages. Search for words in a puzzle of letters.When you find a word, click on each letter or click on the first and the last to highlight it. Words are automatically crossed off the list.Spin the board to get a different view! Choose from a growing list of games.tags: games 2014/02/13

Word Scamble

Word ScambleFun Word Scamble. Plus links to more free word games and puzzles.tags: games 2014/02/13


W O R D F I N D Find words hidden inside a mess of random letters. After you finish a game, challenge a friend to play the same puzzle to see who is best.tags: games 2014/02/13


VarikonA 2x2x2 cube puzzle. Similar in concept to a Rubik’,s cube, but the smaller cubes slide to an emty space. The goal of Varikon is to reset the cube so all the exterior sides are white.Another challenging puzzle from 38i.tags: games 2014/02/12


Tri-TrickA brand new puzzle based on a very simple rule. It is so easy to learn you will dive into the game in no time.This puzzle has 3 levels of difficulty. Even level 1 is a big challenge for most people. If you like puzzle games then you shouldn’,t miss it!tags: games 2014/02/11

Tribute to the Mustang

Tribute to the MustangThis is a puzzle game of Mustang pictures! For Anyone who’,s ever owned a Mustang.This is a tribute to the Coolest car Ever!tags: games 2014/02/11

Sudoku, Kakuro &-pyc- Futoshiki Puzzles

Sudoku, Kakuro &, Futoshiki offers countless free number based puzzle games in different sizes:- Sudoku (4x4, 6x6, 9x9, 12x12)- Kakuro (5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8)- Futoshiki (4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7)Every puzzle type comes in different difficulties from very easy to very hard.tags: games 2014/02/08


Sudoku This logic-based number placement puzzle is wonderfully challenging. Fill in the grid so that each column, each row, and each of the 9 3x3 boxes contains the digits from one to nine, only one time each. Grin proudly when you fill the board!tags: games 2014/02/07

Sliding Puzzle

Sliding PuzzleClick on a puzzle piece next to the blank spot to slide it. Keep sliding the puzzle pieces until you have re-assembled the picture. There are more than 750 images available. A new one is chosen at random each time you play.tags: games 2014/02/05

Sliding pics puzzles

Sliding pics puzzlesChoose among a wide range of pictures (landmarks, landscape, animals, monuments), select your difficulty level and enjoy the sliding tile puzzle.tags: games 2014/02/05

Sliding Jigsaws

Sliding JigsawsMore fun and challenging collection of Jigsaw Puzzles optimised for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Simply tap the jigsaw pieces to move them into the correct places to complete the picture. Over 20 different jigsaws to play with more added each week!tags: games 2014/02/05

Skeemo for iPhone

Skeemo for iPhoneThis simple puzzle game was designed to provide a little entertainment while you wait!Goal:Line up 4 or more pieces of the same color horizontally, diagonally, or vertically.Basic Rules:You can click a piece, then click an available location (marked with a white spot) where you would like it to move. If you do not score a row of four or more of the same color as defined above, 3 more pieces will appear randomly.Keep moving pieces around and attempt to create rows until there is ... 2014/02/05

Sisen of Maruyon

Sisen of MaruyonMah-jongg tile puzzle game. The game from which a tile with the same design is eliminatable.tags: games 2014/02/05

Shredder Chess for iPhone

Shredder Chess for iPhoneThe famous Shredder chess program is now also available for the iPhone and iPod touch. Play chess against the multiple computer chess world champion or solve daily updated chess puzzles with three levels of difficulty.tags: games 2014/02/05


Scramboni!A multiplayer online game that requires you to unscramble words by clicking on tiles that appear on the screen. You earn points for guessing the words correctly with an additional bonus for being the quickest one to submit the correct answer.Each point that you earn goes toward increasing your game level. Higher levels include more words and harder puzzles.tags: games 2014/02/04

Scenic Seen It

Scenic Seen ItStudy a scene and try to rebuild it from memory. After you study a scene, click hide it and the 20 pieces of the puzzle will randomly appear for you to place in their proper places.tags: games 2014/02/04

Saturn Puzzle

Saturn PuzzleA number reorganization puzzle. Scramble the numbers and try to put them back in order by rotating them and flipping half of them.tags: games 2014/02/04

Rubexx Rings

Rubexx RingsA puzzle in which you have to get the balls back in order. This puzzle is very challenging.tags: games 2014/02/04

Rubexx 15

Rubexx 15The iPhone version of challenging slider puzzle. This is solved like other 1-15 puzzles with the exception that the number tiles are moved by sliding groups of tiles using levers. It is much more challenging that the kid’,s slider puzzles.tags: games 2014/02/04

Radworkz Daily Puzzles

Radworkz Daily PuzzlesColourful Sudoku puzzles, with an intuitive interface, optimised for use on your iPhone.Classic Sudoku, and variants including 8x8 Sudoku, 12x12 Sudoku, and puzzles which use complex shapes instead of the normal square areas are supported.New puzzles are added every day, and there will be new puzzle types added soon, so bookmark us if you like exercising your brain with this sort of thing!tags: games 2014/02/02

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