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TripItAn intelligent travel organizer. Just forward travel purchase confirmations via email and TripIt will build a master itinerary for you with all of your plans, weather, maps, and more! Once your itinerary is built it’,s easy to print, share, and access your itinerary from anywhere.tags: travel 2014/08/24


UpocUpoc mobile community services allow users to share text (SMS), picture (MMS) and voice messages among groups of people of their choosing. Incorporating the technology at its most basic level, members create chat groups for their friends and family so they can efficiently send a single message that everyone receives simultaneously, whether coordinating meet-up plans or in the event of an emergency.tags: socialnetworking 2014/04/10


NirvinoNirvino’,s technology leverages combined data from print, online, and broadcast wine critics to create one score called the “,Nirvino Rating”,. Each rated wine is displayed with a simple “,good”, or “,bad”, moniker to provide a straightforward experience for Nirvino users. Nirvino is powered by a database of over 200,000 wines and critic reviews from over 11,000 wineries and 2,300 wine regions worldwide. Other features include browsing predetermined lists... 2014/03/27
Health Plans Search Tool

Health Plans Search Tool

Health Plans Search TooliPhone & iPod Touch health insurance plan search tool, great for quick results on affordable health coverage in your area. Just enter your zip code and get multiple carriers, instantly.tags: searchtools 2014/03/24


Solve360CRM meets Project Management. It’,s a central place to manage the daily interactions with your clients and keep the everyone coordinated. Contacts, plans, activities, tasks, documents and schedules are easily organized and tracked throughout the work flow.The Solve360 iPhone Web Application is a perfect complement to the expanded Solve360 Web Workspace which is accessed using Safari from your Mac Computer.tags: productivity 2014/03/17
Pocket Ministry .com

Pocket Ministry .com

Pocket Ministry .comA new mobile website devoted to giving Christians resources on-the-go. Get on our mailing list to find out when new updates are released.This first version includes: Salvation, The Book of John, The Book of James, The Roman Road, Bible Prayers, Map a Church, The Ten Commandments, Daily Bible Readings, Share With a Friend, Submit Ideas, Bible Studies, Free Wallpaper, Study Room, Spiritual Gifts, Outreach Ideas, E-Mail List Add Me, Church Directory, Color Coding, Bible Search, ... 2014/03/15

cobago.oneLead and control business teams on-mobile (in German, English). Initiate scheduled calls with a fingertipp. Communicate in realtime, fast and immediate, with no frills, no salutations and no signatures. Top confidential and secure. “,”, turns your iPhone into your mobile office for followups, task control and collaboration.Followups, Tasks and Reminders -see all scheduled calls in a shortlist, let your secretary add calls from remote, call back with a fingertipp: &#... 2014/03/07

Mobile Phone News

Mobile Phone NewsLatest news phones mobile world. Last devices, operators plans, and mobile technology.tags: news 2014/02/25


ZanzaburdyEverybody needs a little pick me up during the day, whether news on a successful new job opportunity or plans to work towards a solid new career. See what Zanzaburdy has to say for you.tags: entertainment 2013/12/22


anti:blehA leisure guide for those of us who don’,t have time to make plans. It lists movie and theater showtimes, exhibitions, concerts and much more, all conveniently ordered by time and distance with full details and a map of how to get there.tags: entertainment 2013/11/23

Builders Construction Calculators, Estimators and Planners

Builders Construction Calculators, Estimators and PlannersCreate full plans and member dimensions for stairs, hip and gable roof framing, gazebos.Calculate concrete volumes, lumber cutting dimensions, concrete block cutting, lumber conversions, tank volumes, layout dimensions and diagrams for many common construction tasks.Estimate concrete block and grout quantities. Many new systems for concrete masonry construction.Metric and Imperial.tags: calculate 2013/11/09

401k Planner

401k PlannerGet help with planning your 401k savings. Get a long term estimate on your plans savings.tags: calculate 2013/11/07

JobBlogs for iPhone

The JobBlogs iPhone web application is a perfect complement to the expanded JobBlogs Web Workspace available using Safari from your Mac Computer.CRM meets Project Management for universal teams including contacts, plans, activities, tasks, documents and schedules, are easily organized and tracked throughout the work flow. The name is a mashup of Job and Blogs -tags: mios 2013/08/09

Blocklayer Calc

Calculators for the Construction Industry accessible from your iPhone. Create full stair, roof framing and gazebo plans. Lumber conversions + cutting layouts. Concrete volumes. Concrete block estimates. Many more common construction calculations, estimates and plans Try with TestiPhonetags: mios 2013/07/06

AOL Horoscopes

Are the stars aligning for you today? Should you go forward with your latest plans? Will it rain or shine? Do you think there could be a love match with that cute Leo you just met? With AOL Horoscopes for your iPhone these questions and more are answered. Daily Horoscopes, a Love Match tool andtags: mios 2013/07/02

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