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Aegypten.mobiVoll Bewunderung blickt die Welt noch immer auf die Geheimnisse des antiken Ägyptens. Mit Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts erlebte Ägypten eine unglaublich rasante Entwicklung. Auch die Politik, Wirtschaft und Kultur waren davon betroffen. Tauchen sie in die Faszination Ägyptens ein. Erleben Sie Ägypten mit ihren Legenden über Pharaonen, Denkmäler, Tempel und Mussen. Entspannen Sie bei einer Kreuzfahrt und geniesen Sie die Sehenswürdigkeiten. Ein Besuch bei den Tempeln von Karnak und... 2014/08/20
BJJ Legends Video News Channel

BJJ Legends Video News Channel

BJJ Legends Video News ChannelBrazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Video Interviews with Gracies, Fights, Techniques, Training Tips and more from the World Famous Jiu Jitsu Authority BJJ Legends Mag.BJJ News Channel that highlight interviews from the Pan Ams, Jiu Jitsu Worlds, ADCC World Pro, Abu Dhabi with Legends of the Art: Royce GRacie, Rickson Gracie, BJ Penn, Royler Gracie, Megumi Fujii, Megaton Diaz and many more.tags: sports 2014/04/11

Snootz: For Better Behaved Kidz

Snootz: For Better Behaved KidzTake off on the star and sticker programs parents use with kids but using a bank/bankbook as a metaphor. Product has a humorous story line which uses “,Snootz”, (tokens that look like pig snouts) as units of currency to trade with parents for good behavior. Additional features are that for one price parents can create as many incentive programs as they like. When the “,bank account name”, is shared with others like babysitters, coaches, teachers... 2014/03/17

Legend RPG

Legend RPGLegend action role playing game with non-player characters, quests, multiple weapons and complex HUD.tags: games 2014/01/26

MightyImp.comA selection from a variety of our data streams, ranging from Dinosaurs to Ancient Egypt and Natural History to Legends. There are daily and weekly sections, we have also integrated our Twitter feed. In addition, we have created a rather quirky Section of Lists. Here we have a collection of lists such as Countries, US Presidents, Wives of Henry VIII, Planets and much much more. Every week we are adding a new one so check back regularly.tags: entertainment 2013/12/08

Dragon Years

Dragon YearsDragons are legendary creatures, typically with serpentine or otherwise reptilian traits, that feature in the myths of worldwide cultures. Dragons typically were really large measuring 20-30 feet long, standing 12-15 feet tall and weighed around 8,000 pounds. However, they had a much longer lifespan than humans due to their supernatural powers. Use our amusing calculator to find out how old you are in Dragon years!tags: calculate 2013/11/12

Traffic Gauge

Traffic Gauge is a service that shows you highway traffic maps for major US metropolitan cities. Using the iPhone interface you can check local traffic conditions prior to your morning commute from your iPhone. Just select your city from the drop down menu. There is a legend to explain the color codings. Green is goodtags: mios 2013/09/13

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