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Surf Forecasts

Surf Forecasts

Surf ForecastsFree surf forecasts, reports, predictions, weather forecasts and surf accomodation for global surfing locations.tags: sports 2014/04/17
Offshore Rules iPhone Site

Offshore Rules iPhone Site

Offshore Rules iPhone SiteThe global website magazine for racing sailors. Our readers are passionate sailboat racing and we strive to match their passion with vibrant and entertaining online content from around the globe. We bring you on-the-spot regatta reports, exclusive sailor interviews, equipment reviews, boat tests and much more besides.The iPhone site provides super fast sailing news summaries. Providing rapid summaries to the latest sailing regatta news and links to full details and media... 2014/04/16
UNEP GEO Data Portal

UNEP GEO Data Portal

UNEP GEO Data PortalThe authoritative source for data sets used by UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) and its partners in the Global Environment Outlook (GEO) report and other integrated environment assessments. Its online database holds more than 500 different variables, as national, subregional, regional and global statistics or as geospatial data sets (maps), covering themes like Freshwater, Population, Forests, Emissions, Climate, Disasters, Health and GDP. On the web, one can display... 2014/03/31
mShopper: From Get it to Got it!

mShopper: From Get it to Got it!

mShopper: From Get it to Got it!A complete mobile shopping platform, mShopper is the global force that is redefining the shopping experience by enabling consumers to conquer shopping. mShopper helps shoppers make smart purchases quickly and easily. - With more than 110 merchants and 13 million diverse products available, mShopper offers one of the largest collections of products available anywhere. - mShopper has attracted more than 100 specialty and name-brand merchants including Apple, Best Buy... 2014/03/27

Bulletin Mail for iPhone

Bulletin Mail for iPhoneA Push email service for your iPhone. Bulletin Mail aggregates all of your different email accounts including internet email, ISP email and Corporate email accounts.Bulletin Mail continually monitors these accounts for new messagesA message is sent to your phone for every new email message that is important to you (because it meets your filter rules!)You can simply reply or forward to any new message- Key Differentiators:- Global coverage- Secure access to your email anywhere... 2014/03/06

BEAM.TV Mobile

BEAM.TV MobileThe world leading global advertising distribution network which has transformed the way advertisers create, distribute and use content in a digital environment. BEAM.TV Mobile allows users to access video, image and audio content hosted on their account. Generally this will be useful for approval purposes, but also for accessing archived content and viewing other creative content publicly available on BEAM.TV.tags: productivity 2014/03/06

The Forex (Foreign Exchange) Insider

The Forex (Foreign Exchange) InsiderWhat is Forex Trading and how do you get into it? From Yahoo: The Forex market is a non-stop cash market where currencies of nations are traded, typically via brokers. Foreign currencies are constantly and simultaneously bought and sold across local and global markets and traders’, investments increase or decrease in value based upon currency movements. Foreign exchange market conditions can change at any time in response to real-time events. The main enticements... 2014/03/02

TechDiscovery - Capturing ideas. Delivering software.

TechDiscovery - Capturing ideas. Delivering software.TechDiscovery develops custom applications for world-class software and technology-based services companies—companies whose business depends on commercial-grade software delivered on time and on budget.Our team’,s proven experience in building successful technology businesses provides the foundation for delivering a comprehensive set of Custom Application Development and Business-Technology Consulting services. As the software development... 2014/03/02


ReutersThe world’,s largest international multimedia news organization providing indispensable news and information tailored for media and business professionals. Get Reuters global information and news, including breaking business developments, on your iPhone.- Breaking news from around the world- Business & Finance categories, like Deals, Bonds News, Hedge Funds, and Exchanges- Stock quote lookup- Global weather information: forecasts and airport delays- Slideshows- Top news and business ... 2014/02/28

Global news from One News Page

Global news from One News PageThe One News Page web application for iPhone and iPod touch devices provides easy access to latest news headlines.- One News Page is a leading news navigator, featuring original and syndicated content from leading news providers.- Search our extensive news database of more than 11 million headlines, or browse by news category.- Headlines link through to the original full news articles at source. - It is also possible to email news headlines and references to friends... 2014/02/20

Anna’-pyc-s Outsourcing and Offshoring Journal

Anna’,s Outsourcing and Offshoring JournalAnna Frazzetto is an IT executive who has architected, implemented and overseen managed services and outsourcing initiatives at Global 1000 as well as mid-size companies. Read her views on what is happening in the Offshoring and Outsourcing environments.tags: news 2014/02/15


gulp!Choose a drink and mr.happy will drink it. Make sure he doesn’,t have too much or too little caffine, or he will get sick, and even die. The point of the game is to keep him alive - not kill him. don’,t kill mr.happy - it’, not very nice. See how long you can keep mr.happy alive - and enter your name into the global scoreboard.Optimized for your iPhone. Requires a internet connection to play. Created by Isaac Waller, a 12 year old boy, all by himself (his parents know nothing... 2014/01/16


FusoidA new twist to popular match-3 games, Fusoid is a physics enhanced match-2 action-puzzle. Battle through oncoming waves of bouncing balls and collide ones of the same color to remove them from the board and score points. Comes with a global score board!tags: games 2014/01/14

Centroid 2

Centroid 2Would like to dedicate this game to Apple. Without their iPhone invention, this game or even my mobile web site wouldn’,t exist.The goal of this game is to stack as many color blocks as possible. Compete with global users. You can save the game to your home screen and enjoy full screen.tags: games 2014/01/08

Boring School

Boring SchoolToday you are very bored at school, crumples a piece of paper and try to hit the teacher …,but don t repeat this in real life. Share and compare your scores with friends and others on the online global scoreboard.tags: games 2014/01/07

Cinema Ghar

Cinema GharAa site dedicated to bring Indian cinema to global audience. Cinema Ghar aims at entertaining the readers with the latest gossip, news, reviews, behind the scene action happening in Indian cinema.tags: entertainment 2013/11/26


Find what you want in a library near you with WorldCat, a global catalog of library collections on your iPhone with WorldCat for iPhone users. Search many libraries at once for an item and then locate it in a library nearby, and find books, music, and videos to check out from your local libraries. Furthermoretags: mios 2013/09/20


TalkPlus is a leading provider of telephony solutions. The TalkPlus Global line of services makes it possible for customers to make and receive low cost long distance phone calls, even when calling from a mobile phone. The TalkPlus Mobile service offers the ability to add multiple lines to a mobile phone. TalkPlus subscribers benefit fromtags: mios 2013/09/09

Surf Forecast

Got an iPhone and want to check out the surf report before you hit your favorite beach? Surf forecasts, reports, predictions, weather forecasts and surf accommodation for global surfing locations. You need to register for an account to use this app, or you can browse the popular spots. You see a nice little wave heighttags: mios 2013/09/09


The Peekyou Global Address Book works like white pages on your iPhone. Call, email or locate a person after typing his name in. Note: This app has been removed.tags: mios 2013/08/25

Offshoring Journal

nna Frazzetto is an IT executive who has architected, implemented and overseen managed services and outsourcing initiatives at Global 1000 as well as mid-size companies. Read her views on what is happening in the Offhsoring and Outsourcing environments. Try with TestiPhonetags: mios 2013/08/23

Noenga Art

With this iPhone application you can follow the last movements of the community and the art competition. NOENGA.COM, a global, interactive, art-community platform, aiming to host the biggest permanent art competition on earth. Art-lovers and professionals can now vote, award, influence and enjoy art from artists worldwide. Try with TestiPhoneTigerMe on the RunOffers an integratedtags: mios 2013/08/22

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