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PasturePool Mobile Online Golf Handicap

PasturePool Mobile Online Golf Handicap

PasturePool Mobile Online Golf allows you to track your score, calculate an online handicap, analyze your game, meet fellow hackers, and receive some of the most full featured statistics available on the internet. We have designed this site to be a fun and effective way to better your game. Membership includes:- Online Handicap calculation- Game tracking - Online Digital Scorecards- Custom Weather Reports- Print-Ready Scorecards for your next round- Wallet Handicap Card- ... 2014/04/16


iGolfScorecardA simple web application designed for the iPhone, allows golfers to track their scorecards while playing golf. Any group of 1-4 golfers can play a course of 9 or 18 holes. Players can create user accounts for which they can login and out of. If logged in, users can save their scorecards and also view previous scorecards. This web application can only be viewed on the iPhone.tags: sports 2014/04/14
Golf Courses and more...

Golf Courses and more...

Golf Courses and has designed a companion site for the iPhone. It features a free, searchable database of over 17,000 golf courses with detailed information, contacts, photos, map and scorecards.Memberships are also available with expanded features which allow you to set your favorite courses, post your rounds, get detailed stats your round and much more…,tags: sports 2014/04/13
caddyr Golf Scorecard

caddyr Golf Scorecard

caddyr Golf ScorecardWith caddyr golf scorecard you can track and safe your golf scores for any course you play. After registration you can track scores for up to 4 players and forward the results after the game to each of them. Safe unlimited scorecards and recieve detailed game analysis to improve your play.tags: sports 2014/04/11
Strand Bookstore Mobile

Strand Bookstore Mobile

Strand Bookstore MobileThis New iPhone Web App will allow you to purchase any one of the 2.5 million new, used and rare books 24/7 from anywhere on-the-planet. Users can search and purchase using credit cards from thousands of new titles at 50% or more off the cover price, as well as a wide variety of “,front list”, books ordered directly from the publisher and obtainable at 25% or more off the cover price. Strand buys thousands of books every day that are instantly available on your ... 2014/03/30 - Web Based Time and Attendance - Web Based Time and allows hourly employees to record time for payroll and also allows project-based or salaried employees to record project time for billing or analysis. can be locked down with fingerprint verification or opened-up for mobile access via our mobile interface at eliminates paper timecards and the need to calculate time manually. produces... 2014/03/18


jkPasswordjkPassword safely stores all your sensitive information with templates that store everything from website logins to credit cards. jkPassword encrypts your information on the iPhone or iPod touch for storage on our server. As a result, your data is completely encrypted and backed up at the same time. Built specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch, jkPassword provides the look and feel of a genuine iPhone/iPod touch application. Initial release.tags: productivity 2014/03/12

First Mobile Printing for iPhone

First Mobile Printing for iPhoneIf you need Business Cards, postcards, posters, brochures printed, now you have this on your hands. Just tap and order your print jobs full color both sides and with incredible and affordable prices.Do you want more? we print in 24 hrs Turnaround. Yes!tags: productivity 2014/03/09

Compurealty Mobile

Compurealty MobileManage, Market and Track your property listings like never before. You now have the power to keep your business growing whether in/out of the office.Main Features:- Quick Dashboard View- Lead / Contact Management - Calendars & Tasks Manager- Sync with Colleagues & Clients- Personal / Business Websites- Single Property Websites- Flyers, Brochures & Cards Studio- Automated Property Marketing- Virtual Home Tours- Detailed Tracking & Activity Reports- and much moretags: productivity... 2014/03/07


CardOCRThis is a server side web application that allows people to upload name cards as JPEG files. It then allows these images to be filled up with information which can then be searched from the Web or iPhone. With this web based system, there is very little need to keep the name cards that you have received again as you would be able to search the information by categories, tags/Notes or just by visual similarities.The internal visual recongition and OCR system removes the need for you to explicitly... 2014/03/06

Buxfer: Track your money

Buxfer: Track your moneyThe next-generation money management web application. Buxfer gives you a unified view of your finances by automatically downloading and categorizing transactions from your banks and credit cards. Dig into your spending trends with Buxfer’,s spending reports, control spending with budgets and real-time mobile alerts, and plan the future by looking at your projected cashflow. Buxfer integrates with your mobile device, letting you check account balances or add cash expenses... 2014/03/06

Solitaire Revolution - iGiki

Solitaire Revolution - iGikiA faithful take on Solitaire updated to include the latest technologies. Large, highly responsive cards, and an easy to use interface. Now available.tags: games 2014/02/06

Scary Pics Match

Scary Pics MatchThis game will drive you down into the dark atmosphere of Halloween. Turn over the cards to discover scary jack-o-Lanterns and monsters. Match them to win the game.tags: games 2014/02/04

RedDog: aka Acey Deucey

RedDog: aka Acey DeuceyThe folks at proudly present yet another game from their over 75 game collection. RedDog, also known as Acey Deucey, was popular at casinos during the early 1980’,s, you win by betting that after getting dealt two face up cards, that the third card will fall between the first two.Quick rules:- 1: The Ace is always high, valued at 14 points (Jack=11, Queen=12, King=13)- 2: Since it’,s more difficult to win when the “,spread”, is smaller, the payout... 2014/02/02

PuzzletFactory 4 iphone

PuzzletFactory 4 iphoneHave access to the full database of 25000+ jigsax puzzles created by internauts on the site Enjoy this lite version on sliding puzzles specially designed for iphone. And share them with friends with puzzlecards you can send directly from the iphone!tags: games 2014/02/02

Play Cards for iPhone

Play Cards for iPhoneRandomly load from 1 to 5 playing cards and play our unique games on this web app. Browse through a list of “,Play Cards”, games and challenge your friends. Play games you invent and submit them to us for inclusion on our app. This app has quick loading, clean graphics with changing backgrounds. Want to play five card stud but don’,t know your poker hands? No problem: we teach you. Play Cards is easy to use and fun for groups of iPhone/Touch users.tags: games 2014/01/31

Mind Control

Mind ControlChoose a number from 1 to 63. You will view six cards and after the last one, the number you chose will display.tags: games 2014/01/28

Memory Cards

Memory CardsTest your memory and play the classic memory game. Click on the cards to find the matching pairs.tags: games 2014/01/28

Match Cards

Match CardsHow good is your concentration? Match the pairs of cards in the least amount of time. Submit your score and compete against the rest of the world.tags: games 2014/01/27

Italian Flash Cards

Italian Flash CardsOur Italian flash card drills for the iPhone and iPod Touch allows you to learn Italian on-the-go. Choose between various vocabulary categories including food, clothing, colors, irregular verbs, and many more.tags: games 2014/01/24


iBingoThe classic bingo game with balls drawn from a basket, a lightboard showing the balls drawn to date and three cards on which you mark your squares as the numbers are drawn.You choose from 4 game variations and set the speed with which numbers are called. Points are earned based on the number of cards played, the speed with which a bingo is earned and the time between numbers called.To keep the footprint light and maximize performance, fancy graphics are kept to a minimum. It may not be the... 2014/01/17

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