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WORLDview for iPhone

WORLDview for iPhone

WORLDview for iPhoneGives you all the important information of all countries in the world. List countries by continent, view all countries or pick a random country. Get info like capital, continent, coordinates, basic history, important phone numbers and more.tags: travel 2014/08/25


TransitlyA mass transit application for looking up timetables for buses, trains, ferries, and any other mass transit mode. What separates Transitly from other trip planning applications is that it streamlines the way you use mass transit. Other trip planning applications offer maps, transfer information, and other clutter that is great if you are taking the bus in a city you’,re not familiar with. Transitly is a lightweight web application that tells us what we really want to know: when is ... 2014/08/24
Hope 4 Haiti

Hope 4 Haiti

Hope 4 HaitiOn January 12, 2010, at 21:53 UTC, (4:53 pm local time) Haiti was struck by a magnitude-7.0 earthquake, the country’,s most severe earthquake in over 200 years. The epicenter of the quake was just outside the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince. It has been estimated that the death toll could reach 200,000. Widespread damage resulted from the quake. The capital city was devastated. Haiti will need to be completely rebuilt from the ground up, according to a journalist, as “,even ... 2014/04/04
Country Info Lookup

Country Info Lookup

Country Info LookupCountry Information Lookup. Search for any country/countries and see the capital, currency, international phone code, TLD, ISO Code 3 and other relevant information associated with this country.tags: searchtools 2014/03/22
REI Income Property Analysis

REI Income Property Analysis

REI Income Property AnalysisProvides potential real estate investors with fundamental definitions and applications of Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) and Capitalization Ratio (Cap Rate). Application evaluates Cap Rate and DSCR based on property price, potential rent income and operating expenses.tags: productivity 2014/03/16


CapitalsTest your knowledge on the capitals of U,S States and world countries. You can choose a continent to test your knowledge.tags: productivity 2014/03/06

Capital District Headline News

Capital District Headline NewsIf you are a resident of New York’,s Capital District, then look no further for the best headline news right on your iPhone or iPod Touch each and every day! 100% free and updated every day from multiple Albany, Schenectady and Troy area newsfeeds. Bookmark or send to a fellow Capital District resident!tags: news 2014/02/17

Geo Trivia Trip

Geo Trivia TripWhere is the Grand Canyon? What’,s the capital city of Canada? Where is Uluru? With its large number of questions, GeoTriviaTrip will entertain you and your friends. Let’,s go for the challenge!To get a direct access to the app: - Tap the + button and select “,Add to Home Screen”,,- Launch the app from the homescreen.tags: games 2014/01/15

United States Facts

United States FactsTest your knowledge of the United States. Scroll through each state to read state trivia.Did you know the state bird of Maine is a Chickadee? Or that the capital of Nebraska is Lincoln?Learn the state capitals, dates they joined the union, the state flower and the state bird.tags: entertainment 2013/12/20

The Pop Rock Circus Mobile Edition

The Pop Rock Circus Mobile EditionIf you are in or around the Albany, New York area, please take a moment to catch a show featuring “,Pop Rock Circus.”, This webapp features all the latest news, club dates and music samples of the hot local party band that plays primarily in the Capital District region of New York State. Bookmark the app or send to a fellow New Yorker—,you won’,t be sorry when you see Pop Rock Circus!tags: entertainment 2013/12/19

Albany New York Event Guide

Albany New York Event GuideIf you live in the Albany, New York area, then we can help you find something to do on the weekend evenings. With the power of your iPhone or iPod Touch, we help you find the best events in and around the Capital District region. Bookmark and check back every day for the newest events!tags: entertainment 2013/11/23


WORLDview for iPhone lists facts about countries around the world. Categorized by continent, view all countries or pick a random country. Find data such as the capital, continent, coordinates, basic history, important phone numbers and more. You must be using an iPhone to see the iPhone version of this app. Try it heretags: mios 2013/09/20

U.S. State Info

Learn your U.S. state capitals, state flowers, state birds and more on your iPhone. Try with TestiPhonetags: mios 2013/09/15

Oz Weather

Oz Weather delivers accurate and frequently updated Australian weather forecasts and observation data from official national sources on your iPhone. Quick access to all capital cities with a single tap and to many other locations using the drop down list. 7 day forecasts are available for capital cities, and observations of current temperature, humidity, windtags: mios 2013/08/24


GCap Media, the company behind radio stations such as Capital 95.8, Xfm, and Classic FM, lets you listen to live radio stations including Xfm and Capital 95.8 from your iPhone and iPod Touch Safari web browser. musicradio is claimed a world first by offering a streaming audio service which can be used on the iPhonetags: mios 2013/08/20

Le pendu

French hangman with names of capital. Try with TestiPhonetags: mios 2013/08/12

Stock market, capital, financial news, market ratings and guidance in French for your iPhone or iPod touch. Great for iPhone users in France to help do capital management! Read streaming news, and custom access to your personal portfolio. Try with TestiPhonetags: mios 2013/08/11

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