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InformerUnlike other news agents, instead of giving all the news on a topic, Informer will only give you the latest news on a topic or keyword. When new news is available, a green bubble appears besides the keyword.Informer uses google news and google alerts in combination in the background to get you the latest news from 4,500 news sources around the world that are updated continuously. It has a simple user interface with just a couple of screens. It uses cookies to identify you each time you revisit... 2014/02/22

XWUZ Bubble Trouble

XWUZ Bubble TroubleA simple but beautiful bubble popping puzzle game. Pop the same color adjecent bubbles. Blocks of at least 3 pop. The more bubbles you pop in a tap, the more points you get. A score of 2500 is really good, a score of 4000 is exceptional.tags: games 2014/02/14

Classic Shooter Pirate

Classic Shooter PirateThe game is a classic open source shooter modified for the iPhone usability. Its small and loads up fast. It doesn’,t need internet connection after it loads up. Simple DHTML. Freeware.tags: games 2014/01/09


ChopperChopper arcade shooter game. Fast sprites for a lot of fun on the iPhone or iPad.tags: games 2014/01/09

Bubbly Tune

Bubbly TuneAction puzzle game! Connect 3 bubbles. Drag a bubble. Make a big chain reaction.Basketball, Baseball, Soccerball are special.tags: games 2014/01/07

Bubble Swap

Bubble SwapSwap the bubbles and put them in the proper color order. Submit your score and compete against the rest of the world.tags: games 2014/01/07

Bubble Splash

Bubble SplashCollect all the green bubbles to grow bigger and earn points. Avoid all the other colored bubbles.tags: games 2014/01/07

BrickShooter.onlineA uniquely challenging puzzle game for strategists of all levels from children to grand masters. BrickShooter is not just for people who can think and move fast. It’,s for anyone who enjoys solving puzzles and taking their own sweet time doing them.tags: games 2014/01/07

Arcade Collection

Arcade Collection BA.netOver 30 fun games including Basketball, Space Shooter, Chopper, Missile, Porsche Race and more. Many games are also available on the App Store. With extra off-line play and sound effects. iPhone and iPad.tags: games 2014/01/04

Add Bubbles

Add BubblesDestroy bubbles by selecting them so that their sum adds up to 10. Don’,t let the falling bubbles touch the floor.tags: games 2014/01/03

Bubble Wrap

Bubble WrapPop the bubbles as fast as you can and try to beat your high score.tags: entertainment 2013/11/25


Play iMetroid on your iPhone and iPod Touch, a clone of the classic game, for endless hours of fun! A fun touchscreen shooter game.Try with TestiPhonetags: mios 2013/08/01

Bubble Trouble

This is a simple but beautiful puzzle game for the iPhone similar to Bejeweled. Pop the same color adjacent bubbles. Blocks of at least 3 pop. The more bubbles you pop in a tap, the more points you get. Try with TestiPhonetags: mios 2013/07/08

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