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MobileCiergeYour one-touch live Mobile Personal Assistant. Call or email MobileCierge, and Consider it done! Combining the power of mobile technology and location awareness, MobileCierge provides uniquely skilled live personal assistants to deliver a level of personal care that truly stands alone in today’,s mobile world.MobileCierge is:Safety, Security and Protection:- Mobile and Travel Related Help- Access to Roadside Assistance - Medical Refererral and Emergency NeedsMobile Personal Assistance... 2014/08/22
Motocaddy Premium Electric Golf Trolleys

Motocaddy Premium Electric Golf Trolleys

Motocaddy Premium Electric Golf TrolleysMotocaddy are the market leaders in Premium Electric Golf Trolleys and boast one of the most reliable and technically advanced golf trolleys on the market. The release of the iPhone App (an essential companion for any Motocaddy owner) reinforces their position as one of the most forward thinking companies in golf and demonstrates their commitment to embracing the very latest technology.As an existing owner of a Motocaddy the iPhone app gives you access to... 2014/04/15
TweetGeek Social Network

TweetGeek Social Network

TweetGeek Social NetworkYou are a Twitter Geek? Then join us now through our iPhone Web App. Start your own blogs, forums, photos, video, events, groups, and more from where ever you are. You can customize your own profile page via editor and for advanced users with CSS support, or just chose one of many themes with one click.We are a friendly and chilled twitter geeks who want to create an amazing community with people who like to share stuff twitter, tweets, and everything around it.tags: ... 2014/04/10


StreetMavensTaking advantage of the iPhone’,s advanced browser and gps capabilities, StreetMavens can show you nearby businesses, people, or status updates from your city. Check in to your favorite bar or restaurant and see where others are around town. StreetMavens is what’,s happening in your city right now.tags: socialnetworking 2014/04/08


SolomodelsSolomodels is a comprehensive platform for fashion models and photographers. From advanced flash websites to client management tools, and now iPhone support, our platform offers a complete suite of must have services for the exciting field of fashion modeling.tags: socialnetworking 2014/04/08


ShockfolioShockfolio is a comprehensive platform for the talent professionals. From advanced flash websites to client management tools, and now iPhone support, our platform offers a complete suite of must services for actors, musicians, photographers and professionals in the talent industry.tags: socialnetworking 2014/04/08
Date or Hate

Date or Hate

Date or HateA service built by r-Coms AB and brings advanced LBS and highly accurate matching algorithms in the web-app world!We’,re all helping you find new dates around you! We’,ll help you meet up with partners, friends and eventually find the “,one”,.Using Date or Hate lets you instantly find matches and be matched with people all over the globe you will most likely date, share experiences or just spend quality romantic time together. You can choose your dating radius from... 2014/04/03

iScripture.orgThe primary goal of is to be the fastest bible viewer available on the internet for the iPhone. It has was designed specifically for the EDGE data network so that searches are nearly finger snapping fast. We packed an easy to use interface with advanced functionality in a very light weight package that won’,t slow you down.Main Features:- Complex passage lookups- Full text boolean searches- Choose your preferred bible version: NIV, KJV, or ASV- Adjustable search... 2014/03/25


SyncdAn accurate, flexible and easy to use online time and expense tracking service that works great for freelancers or for teams of any size.Track your time as you work with a timer, or enter your hours by the day or week. Time can be tracked down to the minute to help you see the gaps in your day, allowing you to maximize your billable hours and efficiency. Flexible classifications allow you to track time in a way that is customized to your business.Billing rates can be set for clients, projects... 2014/03/17 - Photo Word of the Day - Photo Word of the Day - Photo Word of the DayImprove and enhance word memory. Beginner, intermediate, advanced words including definition, synonyms, and antonyms. Great way to prepare and study for verbal tests on SAT, ACT, GRE, PCAT, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT.tags: productivity 2014/03/15


HTMLCold Penguin HTML will give you the following information HTML:- Elements- Attributes- Headings- Paragraphs- Formatting- Styles- Links- Images- Tables- Lists- FormsAll examples and code is W3C Compliant and most was obtained from W3. Futures versions will include advanced HTML such as Meta Data, Scripting, Webservers and CSS.tags: productivity 2014/03/11


HiTaskA simple and free web-based task management application suitable for keeping personal to-do lists, and managing your team or project. HiTask allows you to share tasks and projects with the team, assign tasks to team members. There is a mobile version at, and desktop browser version that has more advanced features such as drag-n-drop.tags: productivity 2014/03/10

GMAT & SAT Math Test for iPhone

GMAT & SAT Math Test for iPhoneFounded in September 2003, prep grew out of a vision of combining the interactivity of the Internet with smart learning technologies. eLearning for GMAT & SAT Math is the embodiment of that vision, growing rapidly in popularity amongst students seeking higher scores. The founder and creator of the XLPrep “,Verified Learning”, technology has several years experience developing cutting edge web-based technologies. The founder... 2014/03/10

nobosh News - Business Community

nobosh News - Business CommunityTake a variety of interesting feeds, filter out the bosh (nonsense), and you’,ll find yourself on, home of the most relevant, business, finance, and technology news on the internet.Only at nobosh Algorithms - Advanced algorithms that filter out the bosh (nonsense) and feature the nobosh (no nonsense)2. News Buzz Cloud - A tag cloud that visually depicts what’,s creating buzz in the business, finance, and tech arenas3. Your Viewing... 2014/02/26

Kleine Zeitung News

Kleine Zeitung NewsAn Austrian newspaper company, providing news and services on its online platform. Besides international and national reports, there is a focus on news for the two provinces Styria and Carinthia. Services supplied on the Website are, for instance, horoscopes and weather information.This special iPhone version is advanced constantly in order to cover all interesting contents provided on news 2014/02/23

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) Headline News

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) Headline NewsIf you are an AMD user, stockholder or just interested in the company as a whole, then this is the website for you. Every day you will have the best AMD news that the Internet has to offer, delivered straight to your iPod touch or iPhone. Bookmark the app or send to a friend!tags: news 2014/02/15

PS3 Tips

PS3 TipsThis handy web app offers owner’,s of Sony’,s Playstation 3 a host of invaluable tips and tricks for the PS3. Features include troubleshooting, glossary, basic tips and advanced tips. This app is simple, yet sleek, and is bound to show you lots of features you were never even aware of!tags: games 2014/02/01

Gargoyles Puzzles

Gargoyles PuzzlesThis an advanced puzzle game for expert puzzle solvers themed on Gargoyles.tags: games 2014/01/15

4InARow touch

4InARow touch iPhone/iPod touch version of the popular board game Connect Four (also known as Four-in-a-Row and Four-in-a-Line). This has been designed specifically for the iPhone and the iPod touch. Play against a friend or against your iPhone/iPod touch with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Is it possible to beat the computer in advanced mode? Find out.tags: games 2014/01/02


vTapvTap â„¢ is a quick and easy web video service that lets you search, browse and pinpoint the exact web video you’,re looking for—from sources all over the Internet—and play it on the iPhone and iPod touch. Veveo’,s specialized web crawlers are focused on video, resulting in a web video index that is one of the deepest and fastest growing in the web today—providing an abundance of web videos at the fingertips of consumers. vTap’,s highly-advanced, proprietary algorithms take... 2014/01/01


SignalSignal turns your iPhone or iPod touch into an advanced wireless remote control for iTunes on your Mac or iTunes, Winamp, or Windows Media Player on your PC. Control playback, browse or search your media library, and edit playlists from anywhere in the house - all from the palm of your hand.Features:- Play and pause your music- Move between songs in the playlist- Adjust the volume- Select AirTunes speakers- Rate songs- See the current album art- Browse and search your media library- Queue ... 2013/12/30

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