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Designed to facilitate large bicycling events by broadcasting route, map, chatter, weather and more. It’,s optimized for iPhones, but can be used with just text messaging.

iPhones can use directly to see flyers and notes, weather and maps, monitor chatter, post from GPS, even email photos.Texting users can get location on demand, also weather and notes, post, join chatter, even use Twitter. Users can also interact by email, web, even by voice! meets the mobile needs of facilitators, participants and followers. It’,s served the World Naked Bike Ride and Chicago Critical Mass for years. For such events, open broadcast of mass location helps stragglers find their way, assists drivers and police with traffic control, enables non-participants to enjoy from afar, and tells spectators where to be.

This system is applicable to other types of events and social happenings. It can replace or supplement printing, radios and phone trees. It’,s powerful yet simple, can serve multiple events, and includes futuristic geolocation, SMS, photo and voice features. Commercial, industrial, maintenance and security applications are also possible. Inquiries encouraged.
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